The Extent and Limitation of a “Free-Hand Rights” Clause in Building and Construction Contracts

Air Force Lieutenant-Colonel Ng Boo Han House

In my article posted on the Singapore Law Blog, I have discussed the following important issues:

(1) The extent and limitation of a “free-hand rights” clause in a building and construction contract, and what would constitute defects despite such a clause granting extremely wide discretion to a contractor; and (2) Whether damages for defective works may only be awarded if the claimant proves that rectification works had in fact been carried out and paid for.

See Dominic Chan, “Extent and Limitation of a ‘Free-Hand Rights’ Clause in Building and Construction Contracts where there are Defects: Ng Boo Han & Koo Oi Lian Audrey-Ann v Teo Boon Hiang Edward [2014] SGHC 267”, Singapore Law Blog (29 January 2015) (


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